Designed for the modern, purposeful afficionado with exquisite attention to details, our jewelry embodies the ethos of our brand, pulling inspiration from 12 grace-pillars of creation.

Throughout time, clothing and accessories have served as a means of adornment and symbolic representations of a quality or concept.

Our mission is to shape the narrative around the graceful essence of humanity through our line of luxury, timeless pieces that are curated with the intention to amplify intrinsic beauty, create social awareness and serve as catalysts for impactful conversation.

The Oju Oluwo bracelet is carefully crafted with twelve significant rhinestones and with a significant gemstone that is encased within a silver pendant.

Oju Oluwo Bracelet

Oju Oluwo Bracelet

The Lewa earrings embody the simplicity of beauty that is timeless, featuring a significant gemstone that is encased within sterling silver.

Lewa Earrings

Lewa Earrings

I Am Eido Apata Ayeraye necklace is carefully crafted with twelve significant rhinestones, arranged in four sections. Pulling inspiration from the twelve stones.

Apata Ayeraye Necklace

Apata Ayeraye Necklace

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Versatile swimsuits made to suit the lifestyle of the modern adventurer.



A collection of hand-made swim and resort wear pieces that elegantly complement a lifestyle of adventure, purpose and travel.



(Woman of Grace)

The Obirin Iyanu necklace is inspired by the graceful essence of humanity and it features a timeless artistic coin with the image of a woman with a turban on her head.

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"Perfume and incense bring joy to the heart, and the pleasantness of a friend springs from their heartfelt advice."

— Proverbs 27:9 (NIV)


Exude radiant freshness and joyful exuberance with our fragrances. Inspired by seasons of celebration, compassion and pleasantness.



At our core, we believe that each individual is a major pillar of society and plays a pivotal role in shaping life. We also recognize that the ability to thrive in a graceful essence is largely dependent on the ability to function optimally at different stages of life’s cycle.

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